Copyright & A2K Issues - 9 December 2016


Open Access, A2K & Scholarly Communication:

Academic Libraries and Open Science (YouTube)

African Open Science Platform to boost the impact of open data for science and society: Media Release


Copyright & A2K Issues - 22 November 2016


Intellectual Property:

‘We Shall Overcome’ Copyright Case Moves Closer to Trial

Librarians, Archivists, Call On WIPO Members To Create Safe Harbour Against Copyright Liability


Copyright & A2K Issues - 7 November 2016


Intellectual Property:

Using films for educational purposes (not entertainment) in educational institutions (South Africa)(see Page 2)

No Budget, No Problems? Intellectual Property Challenges for Film Production Start-Ups


Legal Deposit in South Africa - 3 November 2016



Please ensure that all deposits for 2016 are made timeously in the designated legal deposit libraries  - see:



Copyright & A2K Issues - 1 November 2016 (Survey)



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